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IT Developer in Africa

KR Group Corporation has developed countless solutions for African businesses from 2012 to the present and when we say that our focus is to build a better Africa we are the highest contributors as far as software is concerned.

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Introducing our B2B Partnership Program for Africa

KR Group Corporation is interested in working together with local businesses that are passionate about technology and have a vision to establish a digitalized business environment in Africa. We have transformed a huge number of businesses in Africa since 2012 with technology through developing mobile applications that have helped them in running their businesses, business software for accounting, Human Resource, Education, Hospital Management, Transport so much more, along with building professionally crafted websites for tour companies, hotel booking businesses, beauty and spa appointment businesses and many more.

A partnership that we are looking for is one that will continue with this kind of structure, our aim is to build a better Africa just as we are doing elsewhere in building a better tomorrow worldwide.

Benefits of Partnering

We will share our revenues with a local partner on all services that are rendered to customers. Staying online is essential to our operations and since we cannot be present in every country, part of the main reasons why we launched this B2B partnership program, we will provide our local partners with office internet to keep communicating with clients and our support team.

Shared revenue

You will earn a 20%

Office internet support

We keep you connected online

Build a positive reputation

Clients will see you as a resource


Submit the B2B Partnership Program form below and we shall contact you within 72 hours with the status of your request.