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Around A Deal - Connect with potential leads for your business in just a click!

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Not all clients consent to share or add their projects to our portfolio. We have more than 500+ clients served worldwide.

Project Brief

The agenda of the website is to share the list of potential leads with those business owners who are looking forward to growth. The website’s look and feel had to be very simple and comprehensive.

Faced Challenges

  1. The database for the application was expansive, thus a safe and secure cloud integration was expected from us.
  2. The onboarding process had to be simple and designed in a way that it doesn’t ask for a lot of information but neither misses any.
  3. Working on a solution that demands a lot of business interaction with less time to navigate and scroll through the website was the focus. The web app development team worked on various ideas and with client’s input reached the final design.

The Solutions
The website was designed in line with the client’s vision and business objective. It was integrated with all the relevant features and leveraged the power of the latest technology for automated functioning.

  1. The onboarding process made login into the website easy with the least information. This adds to the credibility of the product.
  2. The website used a color scheme that was subtle and not very persuasive.
  3. The services were showcased in a single frame reflecting every assistance the client had to offer.

The website was successfully deployed and stands quite ahead of its competition in the market.

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