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On Demand Stylish Booking #BOOKING SPARROW

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Project Brief

Booking Sparrow is an online platform for hair stylists connecting stylists and customers. Booking Sparrow is a great tool for booking B2C services provided by individual service providers. The app allows customers to find different hair styling services and search for the right stylists, book appointments, schedule appointments and make payments directly through the app. Stylists can expand their business/work by selecting their services, setting their prices, receiving appointments, providing their services and earning money.

Faced Challenges
The client wanted an application that provides a seamless channel between hair stylists and customers without interference from any third-party business or aggregator. The primary focus was providing simplicity, in-app navigation as well as the business process. The application makes it very simple for a customer, even a layman to search and book an appointment with a hair stylist.

The application can be customized for other industries, including doctors, dentists, plumbers, electricians and many more.

Project Approach
KR Group Corporation built the application for Android and iOS platforms with the best of the technology stack. Starting from the design till the checkout, simplicity and great user experience remained our main focus.

The app has three panels, one for the customer where the customer can simply sign up/log in and book the appointment. The second is for hair stylists where they can sign up/log in, get verified, add their skills and receive appointments. The third panel is for the admin where he can manage users/stylists, services, prices and much more.

We made use of the finest stack to make sure the app functions to the best of its capacities. Below is the technology stack we used to create a cutting-edge mobile application.

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