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KR Group Corporation specializes in providing a wide range of IT services, such as software development, mobile app development, and web development. Our expertise in these areas allows us to meet the diverse needs of our clients and deliver high-quality solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

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The aforementioned entities in selected countries worldwide are wholly owned by KR Group Corporation, the brand and principle entity. It is important to note that the founders and directors of these existing entities differ from those of the principle organization, KR Group Corporation, the brand, global entities are registered by different stakeholders and directors. These entities conduct business under the name KR Group Corporation "Country" Ltd, acting on behalf of and in accordance with explicit instructions of the principle organization. Additionally, the operation of these entities is carried out by authorized legal personnel affiliated with KR Group Corporation, as employees with high positions in the brand's formation structures and who are also heads of departments within the brand and principle entity.

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