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Konnectmojo - The app enables you to combine your home decor desires with the most up-to-date styles under expert supervision to achieve your dream home.


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Project Brief

The app utilizes cutting-edge technologies to assist users in achieving their dream home. One can quickly search for furniture designs and decor ideas and see how they would look in their own home in real time.

Faced Challenges

  1. An expanded database was required for the blogs, expert list, what’s trending, and other details.
  2. The designs and creatives must be presented in such a way that the user can readily compare them.
  3. It was tough to get a real-time look and scale the size of the furniture and other elements.
  4. It was difficult to create a solution with so many elements that people could readily relate to and interact with.

When the team first started working on the app, they had a lot of expectations for how the app would be easy to use, interactive, and stand out from the competitors.

The Solutions
Our team of specialists used advanced technology to create an application that is both dynamic and full of useful features.

  1. Simply enter your phone number as your username and password to get started. There aren’t many specifics required.
  2. Allow users to select and inspect furniture and designs in real time using augmented reality technology.
  3. Keep your ideas in the draught section until you find one that works best for you.
  4. In only a few clicks, users may make simple payments and register for replacement and return.

The application was created using the most up-to-date technology and the user’s demands in mind. The application’s simplicity makes it simple for users to select the appropriate items. Login to Google Play or Apple App Store to get the application on your smartphone.


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