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We are one of the best mobile app development companies in the world that offers custom mobile app development services. Change your business idea into a feature-rich advanced technology-based application by partnering with the best mobile app development company. The team aims to build digital solutions that are in line with your business objective and represent your identity in the digital arena.

Top Mobile App Development Company to Offer Robust App Development

Connect with an experienced best mobile app development company to take your business to customers with ‌custom-developed mobile app solutions. With an understanding of target audience groups and ‌market trends, we have helped more than 500+ businesses with solutions that are easy to market and build an online presence. Our UI/UX designers take care of the user experience and come up with wireframes that can impress your audience.

We Build Tech Solutions for a Mobile-First World!

Collaborate with dedicated mobile app development experts who can leverage the power of advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, the Internet of Things, Accelerate Mobile Pages, Augmented Reality, etc. to help you showcase your services and products to your audience. We believe with growing technology, we can transform the way the world interacts. Our development team builds solutions that are engaging and interactive and can help you be at the top of your business.

Services for Your Businesses

App Development Consultation

Not sure how to breathe life into your mobile app idea? Connect with our mobile app development consultants, and they can help you with ideation, the tech stack, marketing, or any other aspect of your business.

Custom Mobile App Development

Partner with seasoned mobile app developers to build a strong presence in the digital arena. Our team develops custom mobile app solutions to represent your business and build a brand identity online.

Mobile App Migration Solution

Migrate your existing application to a better technology. To keep pace with the time, we use implement transcending technologies. With our mobile app migration services, you can ditch the fear of missing out on new technology.

Automated QA and Testing

The automated QA and testing team checks the functioning and operations of the applications that can help you build a strong presence in the market. We ensure that we deploy flawless solutions for you.

Support and Maintenance

We believe in long term commitments, and our team is available round the clock to offer technical assistance to users. We build strong solutions that can easily be updated and scaled to meet ‌new business standards.

Remote App Development Team

Expand your core team with our trusted mobile app development experts. We offer staff augmentation services to help you expand your development team, which can work with you according to your business needs.

Solutions Offered to Your Business

Native App Development

Connect with us for Android, iOS, Windows, etc. mobile app development. We have teams who hold expertise in developing applications for specific operating systems.

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Cross-Platform App Development

Get mobile applications that can work on various platforms. Our app development team can help you with applications that are accessible across multiple devices.

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kr global xamarin
PWA Development

Be accessible over various browsers, precisely like a mobile application. Progressive web applications can help you reach a wider audience by developing a digital solution that is easy to access.

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Creating Digital Benchmarks

User Experience and Interface Design

The mobile app development services team includes UI/UX design experts who ensure your application is easy to navigate and engages the users.

Mobile App Wireframing and Prototypes

Get the prototype of your mobile application, test for its features and functions, after that the application is given its final look and feel.

Responsive to Resize and Re-Design

Mobile app development team creates solutions that are responsive in nature and can be resized depending on the device and accessing platform.

Development Process

Discuss Your Idea

Discuss your app idea with our experts and they can guide you with the right app development strategy. From concept to completion, our team of mobile app developers will be there for you at each step.

Wireframing and Prototyping

Talented designers get to work, creating a user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) that outperforms your competitors. They craft wireframes, build prototypes, and carefully choose colors, typography, and icons to create an interface that’s visually appealing and intuitive.


Our developers get to work, writing lines of code that will breathe life into your app. They choose the best platform, programming languages, and frameworks. Let’s not forget about the backend infrastructure, databases, and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that they skillfully build.

Testing and Quality Analysis

We believe in delivering top-notch quality, which is why testing is such a crucial stage. Our team of quality assurance experts leave no stone unturned to ensure your app functions flawlessly. They test for app features and functions that is inline with your business objective.


With necessary fixes in place, we prepare your app for its grand launch into the app stores. We make sure your app complies with the guidelines and requirements of app stores like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Maintenance and Updates

We’re here for you even after the launch. Our mobile app development team monitors your app’s functionality, performance, and compatibility with new devices and operating system versions and are available for any updates.

Why KR Group Corporation?

Try and Buy Model for an Informed Decision

Before we close the deal, you can work with our mobile app development team for a demo, and if things go well, we can sign our policies and service delivery agreement.

Sign Policies and Agreement

Our team signs policies and service delivery agreement with you to maintain your business's confidentiality, privacy and our terms.

Ideation to Maintenance Under One Roof

You can get assistance from experts on everything from the ideation of your application to its design, development, and post-deployment updates.

Experienced and Expert Mobile App Developers

The team of 50+ experienced and expert mobile app developers who have worked with international clients and bring to the table global experience.

Flexible Engagement and Hiring Models

Choose your team according to your business requirements. You can choose to work with our team on hourly, weekly or monthly.

Get Customer Centric Solutions

The design team working with us understands your business objectives and goals and designs graphics and functionalities accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the probable deadline for the project?

Depends on your project type. The deadline can be estimated only after knowing the feature set, navigation buttons, a platform to be considered, and the business objective. We guarantee you that the time to market your application would be least and the solution delivered would technologically be advanced.

Can I get the ownership of the source code?

Surely. You are the owner of the project that we have undertaken on your behalf and you get to own every aspect of the solution delivered. We would need to do some paperwork for legitimate handing over the tasks.

What if I want to add more developers to the current team?

Sure. If you have an in-house team of developers working already on your project, you can still hire dedicated developers from our platform and make them work as a part of your team.

Which industries do your mobile app developers cater for?

Our professional team of developers hold expertise in various niches and industries. Some of the primary industries include travel, healthcare, media and entertainment, eCommerce, education, fitness, food delivery, etc.

How much does it cost to develop an Android application?

The development cost of an Android application hinges upon a lot of factors like app complexity, tech stack, developers origin, etc. However, the development cost depends on your region as well.

How much does a mobile app developer cost?

Hiring an iOS app developer can vary in cost depending on factors such as their experience, the technology involved, and your specific business requirements. On average, it can range from around $50 to $90 per hour.

Can you provide examples of apps you've previously developed?

Certainly! You can take a quick look at our portfolio section to see the diverse range of applications we have developed in the past. It will give you an idea of our expertise and the quality of our work.

Can you integrate third-party services or APIs into the app?

Absolutely! Our goal is to provide comprehensive solutions for your app. We can seamlessly integrate any third-party service or API required to enhance the functionality and features of your application.