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Sugar or Date - Find yourself a companion who shares the same mindset as yours.


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Project Brief

The client wanted an application that would let the users choose their pattern of dating. They could choose if they want sugar dating or regular dating.

Faced Challenges

  1. Creating two different aspects of the application with various questions and picks.
  2. Accurate location tracking to tell the exact distance between the matches.
  3. Privacy and confidentiality of the users as various personal details are questioned.

The client wanted to integrate a different set of questions for different dating types. The application had to maintain the privacy of the users and is expected to let them find like-minded people.

The Solutions
The team at KR Group Corporation worked on a dating application that was interactive and engaged a lot of users. The application made it easier to find the right matches and enjoy.

  1. The two panels were integrated with various questions to make the intent of using the application clear.
  2. In-app payment alternatives for advanced features.
  3. Easy onboard process for maximum engagement
  4. Advanced technology to provide a competitive edge.

The Sugar or Date application was designed and developed to revolutionize the dating arena. Customers enjoy the application as they get a clear choice to make. It is available to download from various app stores.


How KR Group Corporation Helped the Client

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