The legal department will disseminate official statements regarding the organization’s operations, activities, and affiliations in this section to ensure compliance is effectively communicated and upheld.

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An End to Demos in Africa & Asia

We sincerely apologize for retracting the offer of demos in both Africa and Asia. This decision has been carefully deliberated over several years, involving significant efforts and financial losses. It has been made with utmost consideration and is final. The reasons for this decision are outlined below:

  1. We kindly request that unauthorized resellers refrain from presenting demos in a manner akin to piracy. Several clients have reached out to us seeking clarification on the affiliation of individuals presenting demos, only to discover that they are unable to provide comprehensive explanations due to a lack of understanding of our services and products.
  2. Our demos are disseminated in the form of screenshots without our URL, and if we display our logo, it is cropped. Please be aware that all our demonstrations are stored on our servers at, beginning with the letter “D” followed by the respective demo channel number.
  3. After a successful demonstration sharing session, the individuals proceed to invoice clients, for instance, $15,000 for mobile application development services. It is important to highlight that in Africa, we charge $5,000, and in Asia, we charge $7,000 for mobile application development services. Subsequently, they request full payment from clients upfront and subsequently engage with us as the client. It should be noted that our billing practice entails charging 50% of the total cost before development commences and the remaining 50% upon completion, rather than requiring full payment upfront.
  4. When clients engage intermediate-level developers capable of reviewing the code, they discover that the development work was carried out by either KR Group Corporation or KIWI, both of which are entities under our umbrella. The client comes to the realization that they will not receive support or maintenance as the local IT individual or company seems to have acted as an intermediary and not the original developer. It is important to note that we provide one year of complimentary technical support and maintenance for projects developed by us, and we do not assume responsibility for projects not authored by us or unlawfully appropriated by intermediaries.

In conclusion, our legal department has been actively engaged in addressing pertinent matters. For individuals encountering representatives from Africa or Asia showcasing our demos, we kindly request that you ascertain whether they are affiliated with our organization as employees or IT partners. Our employees possess an Identification Number KRC-XXX, whether working on-site or remotely. In the event of encountering a new employee, they should be able to provide our employment contract for verification. Upon receipt of the ID number or employment document, please refrain from engaging with them and instead contact us at to validate their authenticity.

For IT partners, who are organizational entities rather than individuals, we recommend requesting our Partnership Agreement commencing with KGC-PTAXXX. Subsequently, upon sharing this agreement, please reach out to us at to confirm their legitimacy. 

It is important to note that our decision to discontinue demos in Africa and Asia was not made lightly, as such actions have a detrimental impact on our reputation as an international entity. Local entities and individuals purporting to be developers often approach international organizations like ours due to a lack of expertise and knowledge required to deliver the quality expected by clients.

For comprehensive information about our services, including detailed descriptions, features, development codes, and functionalities, we invite you to visit our website. Our web team has meticulously included all relevant details, supplemented by an updated portfolio showcasing a variety of client projects. We provide this information with care, leaving the decision-making process in your hands.

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