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Vivaling - The application for the education you want.


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Project Brief

A language learning application that lets you be at the top of your learning game. Learn a new language under expert assistance by simply logging into the application.

Faced Challenges

  1. The application needed experts from various languages and thus a dashboard that can be viewed in the local language was essential.
  2. The record and track of the learning roadmap needed to be automated.
  3. Setting up a calendar that can track time and availability was a little difficult.

The Solutions
The application lets the user learn the language and excel in it under professionals. The application came in handy and could easily be accessed by anyone with a smartphone.

  1. The onboarding process is really simple with just a few details required.
  2. Learning starts at your ease and according to your schedule.
  3. Get a dedicated expert who will help you learn the language and review your development from time to time.

The application was successfully developed and launched in the market. The users have reviewed it positively and they enjoy the learning experience the application offers.


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