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Jino - Eco-friendly carwash solutions that take care of users’ car maintenance responsibilities.


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Project Brief

The on-demand car wash mobile application offers a unique experience to users who need high-quality car wash services. The project aims to deliver eco-friendly, waterless car-washing services at customers’ doorstep using premium products.

Faced Challenges
Showcase all the programs and packages offered by the client on one page.
In-app payment alternatives.
Integrate calendars and lock the dates for no-clash appointments.
The client was looking for an application that would take the stress of car washing and maintenance from the users. The application was expected to be interactive and easily navigable.

The Solutions
The experts at KR Group Corporation studied the market well to offer the client the best car wash app development services. The application met all expectations and was designed so that it could easily be used.

Notifications before the next service date.
Rate car washers for the ease and the service they offer.
In-built payment alternative to make sure one can pay easily and avail rewards and cash points.
Easy navigation to choose the plan that the user wants to avail.

The mobile app development team came up with an interesting and easily navigable solution that can be found on various platforms.


How KR Group Corporation Helped the Client

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