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Zoom Delivery - A beverage delivery service you can depend on for spill-free and on-time services.


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Project Brief

The Zoom delivery application is a cutting-edge technology start-up that delivers on-demand drinks delivery service. They offer everything ranging from regular everyday products to high-end exclusive Wines and Whiskies.

Challenges Faced

  1. The major challenge here was integrating GPS with accurate time estimation. The time taken to pick up an order and the route can not be accurately accounted for.
  2. Integrating a credible and reliable payment gateway to make sure that the user faces no troubles while paying for their orders.
  3. With around 200 stores partnering with the client building an extensive database under a single roof.
  4. Aesthetically pleasant and easy-to-use application to make sure the items to be delivered can be found with the least number of clicks.

The delivery-based application needs to be functioning exactly like Zomato or Grubhub but with more efficiency and care. The beverage delivery application is to be integrated with features that can save time and deliver products fast.

The Solutions
The experts at KR Group Corporation built an application that was easy to navigate and can help users order their favorite items with just a tap.

  1. Advanced GPS integration for optimized delivery routes even in remote areas.
  2. In-app payment alternative so that the user can check for cashback and rewards they earn on their purchase.
  3. Verified service providers with ratings and reviews available.

Zoom delivery app was welcomed by one and all alike and is delivering beverages to its customers at the most affordable rates in record time. The application is available for download from Google Playstore and App Store.


How KR Group Corporation Helped the Client

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